What Makes Photocopier A Must-Have Item Or Not

June 24th, 2015 | by Kimberly Gonzalez

Even in this age of digital printing, photocopying still thrives and owned is by millions of people world-wide. By the time digital printing started and the computer age was in a rapid rise, some analysts thought that photocopiers would soon become a relic of the past. They backed up their claim with the idea that digital printing is created to counter the weaknesses that a photocopier has. Now more than a decade has passed and photocopier is still right on top along with the printing industry.


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So what makes a photocopier a must-have for people?

Bulk Copies

Even today, photocopiers are still the main choice in making many copies at once. It is convenient and easy unlike other forms of printing. Photocopying is popular for students who want copies of their notes, people who distribute leaflets and anyone who wants to give a copy to many individuals.


The cost to copy a single page is way cheaper than other forms of printing. In fact, the difference is huge when it comes to making hundreds of copies. The ink is also cheaper than digital printers. The cheaper cost makes photocopying a wise choice for small businesses and students.


Photocopiers make copies at a very fast speed. People who are short on time or would like to make emergency copies prefer photocopiers as their first choice. And with multiple copies to make, the time difference between photocopier and other printers will be much noticeable.


Just like its name, photocopying makes a photo copy of the original which means that everything in the original will be copied as they were to the new copy.

However, there are some reasons that people have switched to new printers from photocopiers.


Compared to printers, photocopiers occupy a lot of space. It is comparable to a desk in the office. This prompts people to use printers instead in order to save some space in their workplace.


Unlike printer which can be moved easily, photocopier is heavy and would require multiple men to move the printer even in a short distance.

Initial Cost

Photocopier is much more expensive to purchase compared to most printers. This makes it hard for small offices and individuals to purchase one for their personal use.


Others are reluctant to use photocopiers especially public photocopiers given the sensitivity of the documents they need to be copied. Most photocopiers especially the new models have hard drives installed in them which save information for different forms of photocopying like bulk copying and delayed copying. For prying eyes, this is a good source of information leaks.

Nonetheless, what makes a photocopier a must-have or not depends on the preference of the people and what better than to compare your photocopying needs with Suppliers Compared.

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