The 3 Must-visited Italian Restaurant in London

July 21st, 2016 | by Kimberly Gonzalez
The 3 Must-visited Italian Restaurant in London

There are so many restaurant offers flooding across London. So, if you are bored of cooking or you just want to have quality and intimate dining experience to celebrate a special occasion with someone, then we have considered listing 3 of the best restaurants where you can enjoy fine dining at a very reasonable price. Check this selection out and get the best deals.


If you want an ideal place where you can see the Opera House or a place to dine in after seeing theatrical performances, then you should check La Ballerina. They are literally situated next door to the Opera House. They offer you not just good views and ambiance but also the most authentic and contemporary Italian Covent Garden. Their chefs have long and fantastic expertise that guarantee you mouth-watering dishes in very sensible prices.

You can pick several menu which include:

  • Pre Theatre meal

You can have 3 courses in this meal. So, if you are too early for the opera, you can come and visit them for a starter meal and come back during the break for the most awaited main course. Well, the service does not end there. After the show, then you have to come back to enjoy their sumptuous dessert or for a cup of coffee or tea.

  • Special 3 course lunch

This one is the most popular among the three. The menu varies every day for variety purposes. There are wide array of dishes and quality food to choose from in very reasonable prices.

  • Special Sunday Lunch

Sunday is a family day out so if you want to spend good food with them, then they offer this Special Sunday lunch. There are special menus for kids so that they too could enjoy the food.

  1. BABBO

This restaurant brings you to a truly unique dining experience you will never forget. For sure you will keep coming back for more Babbo premium Italian food which would take you to Tuscany through taste. Their cuisines are traditional. You can choose from different exceptional menus which never fail to showcase the best Italian food and drink. You can also enjoy a bottle of wine in their wine listings. If you want to enjoy an intimate setting and a variety of hearty food made by a professional chef, then visit Babbo at 39 Albemarle Street W1S 4JQ. They also offer a private function room that accommodate up to 14 guests for a special birthday, business meeting or intimate celebration.


The name itself suggest that you can get impressive food with the feel of Tuscany. All their dishes are cooked from authentic Italian ingredients. They also boast for superior quality of wines from Tuscany in very affordable prices. Along with the list are the wide array of Italian cuisines being offered such as traditional regional dishes, wine-soaking cuisines, fresh bread and home-made pasta. This restaurant’s cuisines are perfectly complimented by the restaurant’s overall ambiance and setting. It is a place where you can getaway of the modernity of London.

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