Using Twitter for Business – 10 Helpful Digestible Nuggets

October 9th, 2014 | by Kimberly Gonzalez
Using Twitter for Business – 10 Helpful Digestible Nuggets
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Twitter is a social networking platform that was started in 2006. Through the years, Twitter has grown tremendously in the number of subscribers and people go on Twitter to share their views and exchange ideas as well. If you are already a business owner, you obviously realize the importance of the internet in regard to growth of your business but the internet is not only hub for websites, assuming that your business already has one, it is a hub flowing with brilliant ideas and opportunities exchanged from one person to another and one such hub is definitely Twitter. If you are not on Twitter you could be missing out on this amazing exchange and probably missing out on an opportunity for growth of your business.

In social media, Twitter can be referred to as a micro blogging site because of how messages are transmitted. A status update message is more often referred to as a tweet made up of a maximum of 140 characters. You may include a short link in your tweet and an image of exactly the type of message you want to pass across. This is the main reason why Twitter has become a common business tool.

The hard part on Twitter would definitely be building a follower base. As you tweet, you obviously expect that your message will be passed across to a large number of people in order to be effective therefore you will need people to follow you as your tweets are only visible to the people that follow you, similar to subscribing to a newsletter on a website. However, technology has brought around brilliant and new ways of building a follower base but it does not come easy just as you invested in your business, you will need to put in some hard work in order for people to feel the need to follow you. The one fundamental fact that may lead to the growth of your Twitter handle is clearly defining a purpose and goal for using Twitter for your business. If your only reason is to drive traffic to your website, you probably need to rethink and carefully outline your goals because Twitter values the quality of interactions that occur on Twitter and nowhere else as such not many people will click on your links without any clear reason or purpose.

So you have signed up on Twitter and you are looking to get your campaign up and running using your Twitter handle, do not just start by throwing your website link all over the place, you might be marked as a spammer and nobody will want to follow you, in that case, here are a few top tips to get you on your way.

1. Set up a profile picture and a cover photo.

You probably have heard of the saying “The first impression is always the last.” Well it’s true. The first impression is very important to a client it’s only in this way that he will decide either to use your service again or not. A first impression on Twitter is expressed by your profile picture and cover photo. These are the first things that users see when they visit your profile as such you will want to impress them in order for them to advance and start reading your tweets and bio. You will therefore need to have in place a profile picture that either shows your face or your company logo and a cover photo that clearly represents your brand therefore it will be hard for users to confuse your profile with another.

2. Write a descriptive bio about you or your business and your website link.

Just as the profile and cover photo, your bio and website are important. People want to feel that they are interacting with someone real and a bio will go a long way into signifying that you are real. You will therefore need to add a descriptive bio about yourself and or your business and what you do. This will give users that view your profile and idea of what you are about and whether they need to interact with you. You will also need to add a link to your main website so that if any user is interested in what you do can get in touch quickly and easily. This is very important for your business as it will drive extra traffic to your business or website.

3. Start following people and ask to be followed.

Do not be scared to ask for some love. Let your friends and subscribers know that you are on Twitter and that you would like them to follow you. Start following new people especially those in fields that are similar to you or those that interest you. Following established handles or people would be very advisable as any interactions with them may lead to even more followers and a wide range of users to reach to.

A great tool for targeting following/unfollow is or

4. Start tweeting.

The whole point of using Twitter is share your views and in order to gain any form of relevance you will need to start sharing news, ideas, photos and anything imaginable that may lead to more and quality interactions. Tweeting is very effective as everybody who follows you will be able to view your tweets. You can share your new products or services, offer help to your clients and so much more. Most businesses on Twitter, use tweeting to offer customer support to clients and to keep clients updated. Your followers are also able to re-tweet your updates to those people following them therefore reaching even more people this therefore signifies the importance of regular tweeting. Tweet too much and you risk losing clients and followers, tweet less and you risk being irrelevant.

5. Share photographs and videos in your tweets.

A human being’s mind always needs to be entertained and kept active lest it becomes a void. The mind is easily stimulated by visual references and these references are easily offered by photographs and videos. Using videos and photographs in your tweets therefore has a huge advantage in regard to getting your message across. This however, is not to be misused like they say “Too much of anything is poisonous.”

6. Adopt and use hash tags.

A hash tag is simply a classification of the tweets shared on Twitter. All tweets shared under one similar word are put under one hash tag such that if someone searched for a hash tag word he would be able to view all tweets shared under that hash tag. This is very efficient and useful for business. If for instance you run a car rental business you may want to tweet using the hash tag #carrentals usually prefixed with this character (#).

7. Share links in your tweets.

It is highly recommended that you start sharing your links in your tweets only after you have a large number of followers and after you have tweeted regularly at the right intervals. Most Twitter users do not want to visit their homepage and be bombarded with links left right and center therefore share the links that necessarily need to be shared such include new products, new services etc.

8. Share your Twitter profile on other platforms and locations.

As you may have noticed, your business can not rely on twitter only, you need to be on other different social networks and platforms in order to reach a wider range of users and clients such platforms include Facebook, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Pinterest and the list goes on. It is highly recommended that you share you Twitter handle and profile in such like sites and other platforms that you may deem necessary. For instance if you run a television channel, you could share your Twitter handle at the bottom of the screen so that your viewers can connect with you on Twitter. This will lead to even more followers and more interactions leading to growth of your business substantially.

9. Offer discounts and special deals.

People will always welcome rewards especially if they are offered by their favorite brand since it’s something that they can easily identify with. You could go a long way in impressing your clients and followers by offering special offers and discounts to your products to your followers via Twitter through various methods such as competitions. This will increase and improve interactions and may even lead to more followers and new customers.

10. Advertise using Twitter.

Advertising is not a new concept for business. Businesses all over the world have been advertising through various means but Twitter defines advertising in a whole new unique way. Using Twitter ads will definitely improve your business and you are almost guaranteed new followers and new clients as your ads are displayed all over twitter and anybody who identifies with your brand can follow you and interact with you easily. You can choose to advertise your profile or individual tweets making the ads very efficient. Advertising on Twitter should however be utilized after all the above factors have been put to account, if you advertise a blank and shoddy profile, your campaign may not bear fruit therefore it is important to consider the different factors that are involved while using twitter for your business.

There is no denying the fact that Twitter is a very brilliant innovation that has given rise to new business and has given bolstering success to existing businesses as well. Twitter has not only revolutionized how people interact but it has also re-defined how we do business as such many people can now easily start a business knowing that there is a chance that their business will grow with the help of such sites like Twitter, so are you ready to grow your business?

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