Top Social Media Trends for 2015

December 2nd, 2014 | by Kimberly Gonzalez
Top Social Media Trends for 2015
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I am not a “certified” clairvoyant or fortune teller and predicting what the social media trends will be for next year will be quite a challenging task because, let’s face it, the everyday social media users are as impulsive and a different as night and day and the factors are all too dynamic to be sure that an idea, topic, product or event will be considered trending.

Facebook will still rule. Despite a brave prediction last 2013 about the death of Facebook and in spite of a survey resulting to have a few million teenagers deactivating their accounts, the social media giant still prevailed and even got bigger in 2014, reporting a surge in the number of users and the number of ad sponsors. Viral videos are also starting gain popularity on the platform so why not invest in a London video marketing by  Red Pill. You could create your own viral video for your business to help gain popularity. Facebook has recently gained momentum and there is no stopping Mark Zucherberg from developing more ways to make Facebook continue to be relevant.

A Surge in LinkedIn. This is especially true for those who are in the business to business sector. According to Lisay Buyer, author of Social PR Secrets, “LinkedIn blue will be the new social media black in 2015 when it comes to professional networking and opportunities.“ Companies will look up to, Link To and look or research on your profile there. But with Facebook work announcing it’s launching in early 2015, are we going to see the death of Linkedin?

The mobile mania continues. Since smart phones and tablets continue to be mass produced every other month or so, this makes the price tags of these devices so pocket friendly that more and more consumers will get to use them in 2015. And what will happen then? Everyone will go mobile, from social media accounts to apps, people will continue to spend an average of 3 to 4 hours every day either Facebooking, Twittering or Instagramming. There seems to be no slowing down of this trend next year.

Online shopping transactions permeate social media. I predict that by 2015, you will be able to purchase items from your favourite online shop in Facebook (most likely, it’s a Facebook page) directly on Facebook. You will not have to go through pages of online forms anymore or try to make contact with the shop’s owner via SMS or phone. It will all be done in Facebook. However, this option might become eBay’s downfall (highly unlikely but we never know).

Apps for anything and everything. In relation to the continuation of mobile mania, I predict that in 2015, there will be applications or apps for anything and everything you do. From online banking to cooking to shopping, even apps that you can use while you’re at work. The list of apps will become infinite with no plans of slowing down and no end in sight.

There you have it, folks. As I mentioned earlier, I am no clairvoyant, but I think at least one of these predictions will definitely be true come year 2015. It’s just a matter of which of these predictions will prevail. But these unabashed social media trend predictions were based on a study of 2013’s predictions and how they ended up this year.

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