Leaflet Marketing – Really?

October 21st, 2014 | by Kimberly Gonzalez
Leaflet Marketing – Really?
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If you already own and run a business, you probably have explored various ways of advertising your business to your potential clients. One of the great ways to advertise your business is through distributed leaflets bearing information about your business, company, products and/or services. Leaflet marketing should not be seen as a sole solution for your marketing needs, instead it should be incorporated with other methods that are just as effective.

Before you indulge in the distribution of your marketing leaflets, it is important to first understand why leaflet marketing works, why it is important and the success stories that have come about from using this method. Below are some points to help you decide.

  1. Leaflet last longer in the possession of the recipient therefore it may strike interest if they chose to read it again.
  2. You can select the quantity of the leaflets that you would wish to distribute.
  3. Leaflet distribution can be matched to fit within radio or television catchment areas, sales regions, or an organization’s retail territory.
  4. Leaflets can be delivered directly to homes and offices hence reaching even those clients that may be busy.
  5. It is observed that people are more likely to act upon leaflets as compared to other material delivered differently.
  6. Leaflets may often be complemented via other media such as television, radio and newspapers hence reaching more clients.
  7. People feel more reluctant to act upon leaflets since they seem more real as they offer information at hand.
  8. Leaflets clearly display the company’s brand which is important.
  9. You can pass on a large amount of information all at once from the use of leaflets.

There are many myths around the industry, Essex Distributions put together this lovely infographic.

Now that you understand why leaflet marketing works, you are now ready to begin to plan the design of your leaflets. This can be a very difficult task especially if you do not have clear objectives. This will probably define whether your campaign will be successful or otherwise. There are a few factors that you should put into consideration before you begin the design of your leaflets.

  1. Dimensions and size

The size of your leaflets could be a huge determining factor on the success of your campaign. The size should be defined by your target audience rather than just wild shot. For instance of you are targeting a elderly audience then your leaflet would be better off big to cater for a few of them that cannot read small letters etc, if you are targeting a younger audience, then the size could a little bit smaller and creative in design in order to invoke curiosity. There are different designs that are available and you probably could choose to come up with your very own new designs. Some leaflets can be folded, meaning they do not consume much space but they carry as much information as possible.

  1. Content to include

This is the most crucial part while designing a leaflet. There’s probably a large amount of information that you would want to pass on to your potential clients, however, it is important to only include the relevant information and not bore and bombard your readers with unnecessary information. Some of the content that you might want to include is company brand and logo, the services or products that you offer, how to get in touch, benefits of your service, offers, previous clients, your location etc and any other relevant content that you may wish to include. It is important to make the content as interactive as possible which may include pictures and illustrations.

  1. Quantity of the flyers

The quantity of the flyers will be determined by your estimated target audience. If you produce few flyers, you run the risk of your campaign failing since not many people will get to see your advertisement. It is advisable to produce a slightly higher number to your estimated target audience which means you will have more than enough to run your campaign and you can save the extra flyers for the next campaign or for another area.

  1. Quality of the flyers

Everybody appreciates good quality it therefore goes without saying that quality is something that you should strongly consider. Quality is generally the sheet of paper that your flyers will be made from and the ink that you will opt to use. Printing on bad paper will mean that some of your content will look vague and probably unreadable and sometimes not durable. You may choose to spend a little more money on good quality paper and get a quality leaflet that will be effective in your campaign.

  1. Cost of production

After putting a few of these factors into consideration you may now want to clearly define your budget in order to get everything in the condition that you desire. If your funds are a little limited, you may choose to use cheaper production methods and service providers in order to bring down the overall cost. If you have enough funds, a budget is also important so that you make sure that all available funds are utilized on their allocated purposes.

After putting all these prospects into consideration, you are now thinking of the distribution of your leaflets to your readers and target audience. This again is really tricky if you are not prepared and if you do not have clear goals and objectives. The key to successful leaflet distribution is a plan. A plan that defines a few of these factors:

  1. Understand your target audience: Know exactly where to find your audience. If you hand out your flyers to a different audience then your campaign may fail.
  2. Include the leaflets in packages: You may choose to include your leaflets in the packages that you send to your customers. This is highly effective as customers are already loyal clients and they may act through.
  3. Place your flyers in public places such as malls and parking lots: You can place your leaflets in public places where your target audience frequent.
  4. Hand out leaflets in streets: This is again a highly effective way to distribute your leaflets but you need to successfully identify your target audience otherwise your leaflets may end up in the bin.
  5. Include the leaflets in letters: While sending out letters, you may choose to include your leaflets in the letters or postcards. Your recipient will go through the flyer as they read the letter.
  6. Collaborate with complementary businesses: There are definitely a lot of businesses in the same industry as you and others would be happy to help you distribute your flyers e.g. in their products and packages.
  7. Attend occasions that are similar to your business: Attending occasions that are hosted by organizations in your field will give you a wide range of audience through which you can pass your message.
  8. Install leaflet dispensers in different places: Just like a water dispenser, you could let interested people take your leaflets from leaflet dispensers. You could place them around your premises or anywhere else that may be authorized for that purpose.
  9. Always know when to display and hand out the leaflets: Distributing and displaying your leaflets at the wrong times may lead to failure. It is important to note when your target audience are active and willing to undertake such activity.
  10. Go door to door distributing your flyers: Going door to door is also one effective way of distributing your leaflets. You may reach out to a wider range of audience.
  11. Display your flyers on cars, motorcycles etc: If you posses a company vehicle, you could post your leaflet on the body or windscreen so that you even get to reach an audience in traffic and on the road.
  12. Ask influencers in a similar field to distribute the leaflets as well: There are definitely a lot of influencers in our society. People listen to such characters, therefore if you could get a famous or popular character in your field you could ask them to either talk, or tweet about you and probably brandish and distribute your flyers.
  13. Drop leaflets from a plane: This could be seen as an extreme method but it is highly effective nonetheless. Just target an area where your target audience could be active and drop your leaflets. Even uninterested parties could take interest in your leaflets out of curiosity.

Display on toys and other equipment: You could also display on toys and any equipment that would play a part in sending your message.

Armed with these pointers, you are now probably ready to begin your leaflet marketing distribution. It is important to remember that success of your marketing campaign will most certainly be realized through sheer hard work and persistence.

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