Planning Your Staff Christmas Work Party – Sooner Rather Than Later

November 5th, 2014 | by Kimberly Gonzalez
Planning Your Staff Christmas Work Party – Sooner Rather Than Later

Christmas usually signifies the end of the year and ushering in the long holiday and most workers will definitely be looking forward to the holidays more compared to the Christmas party itself. This therefore poses a challenge of ensuring that all your co-workers have a great time and they all stick around until the party end. A staff Christmas party should be something that all staff will be looking forward to as well.

Staff’s Christmas parties often expect all staff to be at least jolly and some people may find this to be a little discomforting therefore it is important as a party planner, to avoid some of the common mistakes that usually spoil the party mood. Some of these mistakes include:

  1. Holding the party at the office

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Image source – BBC

Most of the time, workers are looking for an opportunity to stay away from the office when they can especially around the Christmas period. Not most employees will welcome the prospect of spending another long night at the office it is therefore important to carefully choose an alternative location that will enable the employees to relax and have fun.

  1. Last minute rush

The festive season is usually a busy season with everybody trying to get the best product deals and the best venues for similar Christmas parties. It is advisable to plan in advance and acquire everything you need in advance and book for venues early enough in order to avoid disappointments.

  1. Transportation

Transport means during the festive season may be limited it is therefore important to arrange for transportation of employees to the party venue so that you ensure that any employee that is interested in attending the party will be able to do exactly that. You will also need to notify everybody of the location and the driving directions so that nobody gets lost.

  1. Not providing enough food

Food is an integral part of any party especially a Christmas party. If your party happens to be after work, then everybody will definitely be starving you should therefore make sure that you provide enough food for everyone. You could try and estimate the number of people that you expect at the party which should be easy since you will check on the number of employees there is. You certainly do not want employees leaving the party on an empty stomach.

  1. Serving alcoholic drinks only

Most party planners make the mistake of serving a lot of alcoholic drinks and forgetting to consider employees that may be driving afterwards and other non-drinkers. It is not advisable to serve alcoholic drinks only especially at Christmas parties, you should consider also adding on a few non-alcoholic drinks for those employees that will be driving and for those that do not take alcohol at all. This will create and amicable balance and ensure that employees do not get drunk and go on to cause accidents or otherwise.

  1. Not appreciating employees

A Christmas party is usually a chance for the company or employer to express their appreciation towards their employees for all the great work they have done throughout the year. Appreciation is not only expressed by offering bonuses but by actually saying that you appreciate the work they did. This will create and strengthen a sense of belonging among the employees as they will feel that they are part of something special. This will go a long way in making your Christmas party a success and a fun event.

  1. Entertainment

Entertainment is one of the most important aspects to a party, after all employees will be obligated to attend a Christmas party on merit of the quality of entertainment sought. Lack of proper or un-entertaining entertainment will probably kill the party and the joyous mood. It is recommended that you base your staff Christmas party around activity. There are a few great options that can either be explored singularly or combined all together to serve the ultimate entertainment. Some of these include:

  1. The inclusion of a DJ

People enjoy music and dancing especially during the festive season and employees are not any different. The inclusion of a DJ mixing up different genres of music will definitely liven up the party and keep people entertained.

  1. Bowling, comedy club or theatre trip

Bowling is probably one of the most practiced activities during parties especially by employees. It is a great way to bond while playing against each other. You may choose a venue close to the bowling facility. You may also consider holding your Christmas party at a comedy club and get everyone cracking up or alternatively a theatre trip that may keep the employees entertained and occupied at the same time.

  1. Casino and magic

nick crown

Image with thanks from Nick Crown (recommended corporate/party Magician)

The casino is a great option for a venue to hold your party from. There are numerous activities that take place in a casino and most of these activities are generally captivating. This will keep your employees entertained and maybe get a chance to win something. You may also consider introducing a magician to perform a few tricks here and there and keep the employees active and entertained.

  1. Fashion party

Most employees do not get to express their fashion sense during work, you could arrange for a fashion Christmas party where people come dressed as they wish. You could chose a theme for the party for instance people could dress like the 80’s or 90’s and come mingle with the other employees and also dance to music. You could also offer prizes for the best dressed or the most creative. There are a host of other themes and styles around the world for Christmas parties that you could adopt as well.

  1. Games

Christmas parties are generally clouded with joy and playfulness therefore you could include a wide range of games that will keep the employees entertained and active while they socialize with their teammates. Some of the games could be board games, virtual games or physical games.

  1. Pool party

A good option for a staff Christmas party could be a pool party. Houses or hotels with pools are good for such parties as people get to enjoy a good relaxing swim accompanied with other water games and just basking and mingling in the sun or under the moonlight. This is really entertaining and employees will have a great time.

  1. Photo booths

OMG Image

Image with thanks from OMG (great photo by the way!)

Photo booths are probably one of the best options to feature at a staff Christmas party. People take a lot of photos during Christmas and these photos act as a record of good memories. A photo booth will definitely keep the employees occupied and entertained all the while. You can guarantee that there will be plenty of laughter coming from the booth during the whole party. Photo booths can be decorated with a Christmas theme that features all the favorite Christmas elements such as a beautifully decorated tree, prop basket, winter background etc. your employees will basically feel like they were partying in the north pole. There are a lot of companies offering photo booth renting services and they provide all the fun party supplements to make sure that everybody has fun.

These are just some of the supplements that will lighten up your party with fun, joy and activity. There are plenty of other supplements of course but the ideas are limitless. You can imagine absolutely anything and turn it into a great party for your employees.


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