Mobile Marketing Stats Every Local Business Should Know

October 30th, 2014 | by Kimberly Gonzalez
Mobile Marketing Stats Every Local Business Should Know

Mobile marketing is generally advertising on mobile devices such as tabs and smart phones. Mobile marketing is widely adopted by both large and small businesses due to a few important factors such as time and location sensitivity, personalized information that helps promote goods and services. The ability to promote such goods and services over such a personalized medium has led to the overwhelming success of businesses all over the world.

There are various types of mobile marketing and these include: Push notifications, SMS, application based marketing, in-game mobile marketing, mobile web marketing and user controlled media. It is very important in this century for businesses to have a very robust online presence however, for your businesses to have successful online marketing campaigns, you will need to put into perspective a few demands of mobile marketing. Here are a few stats that you should consider in order for your mobile marketing to be successful:

  1. Smart Phones are widely used.

The production and use of smart phones has risen dramatically over the past few years and according to a report by Pew Research, it is estimated that 58% of American adults use smart phones on a daily basis for different tasks. If you own a business, you probably realize that marketing through mobile has a very high potential for ad delivery and success therefore this is a statistic that you should consider while choosing your marketing medium.

  1. People spend a lot of time on mobile devices.

Smart phones have seen the rise in the amount of time spent on mobile devices with smart phone owners almost running their whole businesses on the go and online. Statistics show that majority of adults in the U.S. use their devices almost 3 hours daily. According to Greek Wire, Americans spend an average of 162 minutes on their mobile devices every day. This time is spent on several social networks or just searching and visiting websites. This statistic is shared in almost all countries in the world making it a very efficient and effective medium to sponsor your marketing campaigns on. This gives a business the ability to specify the exact age groups they would like to target, the location and the time to display your advertisements. This makes your advertisements attract the exact type of audience.

  1. Social media, searching and surfing.

Searching the web for either items to purchase or for different services or for simple video games are just some of the main activities that most smart phone users perform over the web and on their phones. This is very convenient for business’ marketing campaigns as it gives them a solid and continuous platform on which they can sponsor their advertisements. A lot of businesses have also taken to social media and today it stands as a unique and very effective alternative to other advertisement platforms. It is recorded that people spend around 22.5% of their total time using social media apps out of all the time they spend using smart phones and tablets. 17% of that time is spent on the facebook application alone with twitter quickly catching up. All these activities are a catalyst for marketing campaign success that why businesses have quickly adopted this form of marketing.

  1. The internet is widely and quickly accessed through mobile devices.

Mobile has tremendously changed how people access the web. Smart phones and tablets are both devices that people carry around wherever they go. You no longer have to be behind a monitor screen or a laptop in order to access the web and carry out different activities, you can carry out these activities on the go. People now can acquire information on the services and products they like and they can also make purchases at the touch on a button and go as far as even paying their bills. The convenience that mobile devices command has translated to marketing. The total time spent on mobile devices and applications widely exceeds the desktop internet usage this according to a report by CNN. This is a statistic that should generally inspire business owners to conduct even more business through mobile and sponsor using the same.

  1. Mobile users search for local businesses.

Mobile devices are widely used not only for general searches but for the search of local businesses. This is because it is very easy and fast to search using a smart phone or a tablet. This is a very positive statistics as businesses today are able to target their ads to specific locations.

  1. Mobile users are also buyers.

According to the comScore report, nearly 80% of local searches on mobile devices turned into purchases with 76% of those purchases happening on the same day as the local search. This is a statistic that most businesses have adopted and that is why most businesses still opt to run mobile campaigns.

  1. Mobile searchers are looking for business maps as well as business information.

Mobile users and searchers are continuously and consistently looking for information on services that they like or products and businesses that they like therefore if you are a business owner, your best shot at getting clients quicker would definitely be through mobile marketing. Most searchers look for special offers estimated to be around 37%. Ratings and reviews estimated to be 33%, products and services estimated to be 26% and business websites estimated to be 24%. These are all statistics that should give you and your business a fighting chance in the business world.

There are a few factors however, that you should consider in order for your business to be successful in the mobile world. Some of these include:

  1. Your website should be responsive.

Responsiveness of your business website is generally how your website looks on mobile devices. The site automatically adjusts in size on different devices. You should optimize your website to have a nice look on the end of these mobile devices. Nobody likes shoddy work or a shoddy company. Your first impression is usually your last so it is important to make the first impression last in order to attract more clients and eventually more sales.

  1. Use mobile advertising.

Gone are the days of traditional advertising and advertisements appearing on Google only. Mobile marketing has revolutionized how advertisements are delivered and displayed to the prospective target clients and users. Adopting mobile advertising will definitely give your business and campaign a cutting edge. All the factors mentioned above all attest to this recommendation. With mobile advertising, you can be direct, precise and fast since you get to choose exactly where and to whom you are serving your advertisements.

  1. Manage business listings.

Business listings are very important in keeping your business and campaign relevant to the target audience and to potential clientele at all times. You should manage listings on sites such as Google business, Yelp, Yahoo, city Search and other local sites that perform similar functions.

There is no denying that mobile has revolutionized how we do business and how marketing campaigns are run and it is expected to grow and possible outgrow other already established mediums. This will only help businesses get better and become more efficient in their operations therefore examine these statistics and factors and possibly cons


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